Battle of the Bands 2024! Wanna compete?

That’s right, baby! Battle of the Bands is BACK for 2024!

The Glass Magazine X QUT Guild Battle of the Bands is returning for Semester 2 and expressions of interest are open for bands that want to compete!

Last year was such an absolute blast that we are pitting the bands of QUT against each other once again 😉

For those not in the know…

Glass and QUT Guild held the Battle of the Bands in 2023, bringing back a tradition from the graves in which COVID dug.

We had eight spectacular bands compete for a grand prize of $4,000 and a runner-up prize of $1,000.

The battle ran over seven weeks in Semester 2 culminating in an epic grand final that had the Bot Bar quaking.

Dublin Rose took out the competition last year with The Ruggz as runner-ups.

Many thanks to all of our amazing competitors last year Fletcher Dunn, Dublin Rose, April Darling, Hicktown Barnaby, Gravity’s Rainbow, Rutherford Jazz Trio, The Ruggz and Maira <3

hear our battle cry!

We are gonna be doing it all again! Same grand prize! Same killer vibes! And the same amazing, spectacular, sexy, stunning show runners 😉

We are prepping for the slaughtering of a battle this year and we hope you are ready as well.

We have opened expressions of interest for our competitors this year.

If you are a part of a band with two or more people and at least 50% of you band are current QUT students, Glass and QUT Guild want to put you in the ring and watch you animals tear each other apart.

If you wanna compete, fill out this EOI form and we will be in contact 😉

Reach out to Glass or QUT Guild, if you have any questions!

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