Keen to Make a Difference at Uni? Or Interested in Student Politics? 

Black and white photo of the Student Guild in the 1980s. Two males, one sitting and one standing, in front of a pin board with an array of posters pinned to it.

You can be elected to a paid role within your student union to advocate for students and lobby the university to do better.  

To become a student politician at QUT, you need to win your spot at the annual Guild election. You can run in the election by yourself (as an ‘independent’) or with a group of students (‘on a ‘ticket’). 

The Guild elections run in October each year, but nominations usually open in September. If you want to run, you should be getting yourself and your team ready now! 

To find out more information about Guild elections, click here.

Not exactly sure what the Guild is or how it works? Then check out our recent Guild Explainer and A Glassie’s Guide to Being a Student Politician for more information.  

So, which positions are up for grabs? All of them! 

Vice President (Secretary)* 
Vice President (Treasurer)* 
Education Officer* 
Welfare Officer* 
Engagement Officer* 
Clubs & Societies Officer* 
Queer Officer* 
First Nations Officer* 
Women’s Officer* 
Environment Officer* 
Disabilities Officer* 
International Students Officer* 
Postgraduate Students Officer* 
Magazine Editors* (1 role shared between up to 5 students) 
2 x Science Faculty Councillors 
2 x Engineering Faculty Councillors 
2 x Business & Law Faculty Councillors 
2 x Health Faculty Councillors 
2 x CIESJ Faculty Councillors 
2 x Student members of Guild Board of Directors 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions 

*denotes paid positions at varying levels of part-time 

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