Jasper Bennett: Business & Law Councillor

Glass invited all candidates to submit a statement about why they’re running in the Guild elections and why you should vote for them. This statement is being published as received from the candidate.

Voting opens MONDAY 23rd OCTOBER 2023. You can read all candidate statements here.

My name is Jasper, I am a 21-year-old business student going into my fourth and final year at QUT, and I want to represent you.

I am one of three nominees for the Business and Law councillor position, and the only independent nominee.

In my three years of study at QUT, I’ve had many ups and downs and valuable learning experiences, which have all helped to put me in a position where I know what it’s like to be in your shoes and allows me to be able to address the issues, concerns and views you hold from a position of understanding and personal experience.

If you vote for me, I will make sure to put your needs first, above any political affiliation or ideology.

I will represent you and bring your voice forward to the student representative council and together we can make QUT a better place.

Articles: 111

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