String of Love: Isabella Lamb

The annual QUT School of Design Festival brings students from the Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Fashion and Visual Communication faculties together to celebrate and showcase their talent and skills. Throughout the year, we will be highlighting some of the amazing work being done by students right here at QUT.

Introducing Fashion Design graduate, Isabella Lamb, and her portfolio titled String of Love.

This collection reveals the ‘String of Love’ uniting us, regardless of distance. Each silhouette represents a unique relationship of one’s life, drawing inspiration from Isabella’s own connections—God, Lovers, Siblings, Parents, Self (Inner Child), and Friends. It emphasizes thoughtful fashion design through hands-on experimentation and expressive symbolism.

– Isabella Lamb

Fashion graduate Isabella Lamb is passionate about integrating conceptual thinking and has meticulous attention to detail into her design process, resulting in meaningful and innovative creations. Currently working as a designer and stylist, her work radiates a positive atmosphere that sparks connections, inspires reflection, and brings joy. She’s dedicated to fully realizing the potential of every concept she undertakes.


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