I lived it: I got my vaccine and the nurse didn’t call me a brave little boy

Sad man in the dark

A personal essay

In times of hardship, God gives His most difficult challenges to his toughest soldiers.

In the midst of the global pandemic, it’s been easy to see challenges arise in all of our day to day lives. From not being able to go for drinks on the weekend, to delayed international shipping, to doctors and nurses being heckled after a 16 hour shift. But I never thought that I would be delivered the greatest of hardships.

I was sceptical of the vaccine at first. I mean, after all, how could anyone know what’s in it? But after a lot of personal research, and learning I wouldn’t be able to go on the boys’ trip next year without it, I made the decision to get vaccinated. It’s not much, but I do what I have to to look after my community.

So, imagine my devastation upon arriving at the South Bank Vaccination Hub, waiting in line, and getting stabbed with a needle (it really hurt!), all for nothing.

The nurse, whose name I forgot to remember or ask for, said to me, “okay, feel free to head on outside.”

Excuse me? Don’t I need to be monitored? My temperature taken? Where’s my lollipop?

It made me wonder why I even got vaccinated at all to be honest. I texted the boys in our group chat, and luckily for me they all sent kisses and love my way.

I guess I was a brave little boy all along. It just took me a journey to be able to see it.

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