Submissions are Open for Issue 13: Cheat

Issue 13 Cheat Submissions open

Hello and welcome to the first submission round for Glass 2022! The theme for our 13th Issue is ‘Cheat.’

Theme Prompt

verb. avoid/escape/evade/elude | deceive/deceit/trick/fraud
noun. swindler/ fraudster/ cheater/trickster

Are we ever really not cheating?

Why are you a cheat? Was there a breaking point? We want to hear about the cheats in your life. Is it you, or someone you know? Have you been cheated, or cheated by someone?

We cheat everyday. It could be on an exam, or it could be a white lie.

Is it necessary to cheat? Or should we make strides to do everything the ‘right’ way?


Please make sure you’ve read our submission guidelines for written work and images/art. All content must be original and contributors must possess the rights to publish the work. For images, this includes having the permission of anyone in photographs to be published.

Magazine submissions have a hard word limit of 1500 words. If your piece is longer and you would like it to be included, please email us and we can discuss further if it can fit or if the piece could go online.

For image submissions, please ensure they’re at a printable DPI quality.

If you have trouble uploading your submission files for any reason, you may also submit your work through email to


Submissions are open to QUT students, past and present. You can be undergrad, postgrad, or graduated! All faculties are welcome to submit, and we would love to see work from all of them. We also accept submissions from QUT staff.


Submissions will be open until the 17th of January, 2022.

Submission Portal

We really look forward to seeing your work! If you’d like to submit, please do so here.

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