Homeschool Column: Em Readman

Welcome to the Homeschool Column, where we check in on QUT students and how they’re doing studying from home! Today, we’re checking in with one of our editors, Em Readman, on how she’s working through university at home. If you’re interested in submitting your own, please email your answers to the following questions, as well as a couple of pictures of your life at home to to be featured.  

What’s your name and what do you study? 

My name is Em Readman, I’m studying a double degree, Business and Fine Art (Writing). I’m in my fourth-year, which should be my final but may end up being my second to last because I’ve dropped down to part-time during self-isolation so I have less pressure on me. I’m really enjoying my degree, even if it’s online.  

What does a typical day at home look like for you? 

I wake up around 8, and if I have a Zoom I’ll put a bit of effort into getting ready, otherwise, I’ll just hang out in comfy clothes. I try to get up often and get time away from my screen and I’ll only sit for about an hour without getting restless. I’m currently working on some essays for a long-form writing class, so it’s just long writing days, but I try to break it up a bit. I’ll clock off before it gets dark so I can fit a (social-distance-friendly) walk in and then I’ll chill out for the night. All of these are just guidelines for my day, I don’t push myself to hit these goals every time I try to work. 

Tell Glass about what’s going well with home study: 

I feel like I’ve got a lot of structure and I’m making sure I don’t go stir-crazy. Limiting my screen time has really helped, I try to only use my computer when I’m working on work or uni, rather than endlessly scrolling. I also put a lot of effort into making my space feel nice.  

What are you struggling with? 

Social media and mental health. I wrote last week about how I don’t like how everyone online is talking about productivity and about how now is the time to get ahead. Meanwhile, I’m just having my daily cry on the couch. I don’t really feel that productive, and I’ve been beating myself up over that the past week. Not anymore. Now, it’s more about accepting that I am slowing down for me and I don’t have to do all the things while I’m at home. It’s an exhausting time emotionally, so I don’t find the same joy in social media that I did, and I’m also not feeling great in isolation. 

Are you working on a hobby or interest while in isolation? 

I do embroidery and I’m working on a piece right now that is more complex and takes a lot of detail. The best part about it is that it takes two hands, so I don’t have to touch my phone. I’m really enjoying it. Also, making lots of cheese toasties and scones – not good for you but they taste fab.  

What are you listening to right now? 

The main thing I have been listening to is a true-crime podcast called Claremont: The Trial. It’s a really deep dive into a series of crimes in Perth in the 90s. I know it’s very white girl to be listening to a true-crime podcast, but I’m really invested in the case now so I can’t stop.  

If you were going to give students one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Slow down and take a break if you need to. This is a scary time and you don’t have to soldier through it if it’s affecting you.  

Em Readman
Em Readman

Em Readman is a writer from Meanjin who lives in Boorloo. She has been published in Aniko Press, the Suburban Review, Bowen St Press, Baby Teeth Arts, and others. They were an editor of Glass Magazine in 2020 and 2021, and won the 2022 Blue Knot Foundation Award with the Hunter Writer's Centre.

Articles: 64

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