Glass Gazette: Student Carrying Group Project Holding Out for Peer Reviews

Group assignments may be hell, but peer critiques are sweet relief for the group member that absolutely carried this assignment.

Final year student, Madison, works full-time, studies full-time, and sleeps four hours a night. Her group members have categorically ghosted her on their 40% assignment. Over the past few weeks, she’s been diligently picking up the slack, but only one thing has been keeping her going.

“I’m going to absolutely destroy them in the peer review,” said Madison.

The peer review, heralded as the ultimate equaliser, is worth a significant chunk of the mark for this assessment item. Despite the group agreeing to all give each other sevens in the review, Madison has other plans.

“This isn’t petty, this is justice.”

The other group members have been contacted for comment, but did not open Glass’ message request or respond to the email sent to their student email address. Well, we tried to warn them.

More to come.

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