Glass Gazette: QUT, Uni designed to provide accessible classes, provides no accessible classes

As class registration opened yesterday to thousands of students eager to return to in-person classes, many were met with a sea of orange buttons. ‘Join a Waitlist’ seems to be the catchphrase of the SEM 1 2021 class registration period. While this kind of instant class filling is common in the BSB, CAB, and LLB course-code areas, people from all faculties have reported to stalkerspace complaining that they were unable to register into an in-person class, or were left with inaccessible options.

“Registering into an 8-9 PM class on a Monday is basically registering to not go to university,” one student reported.

“Who are these people who got classes?” another student said, “How can all the classes be full if no one got an in-person class?”

Multiple students have alluded that they should, “just drop out now.”

Various lecturers who watch this fight over class times happen every semester, only to be lecturing to an empty room in Week 4, were contacted for comment but are yet to respond.

QUT, with a net asset pool of $1,730 million in 2019, is somehow unable to provide the service students pay thousands of dollars a semester to use, that service being classes, on one of two campuses, at an appropriate time of day. They do, however, have a 2-storey audio-visual sphere at the $99.4 million QUT Kelvin Grove Education Precinct for students to enjoy, instead of providing tutorials at appropriate times.

So, QUT won’t give you any classes you can attend. Also, you owe them $4000+ for those classes you can’t go to.

More to come.

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