Everything you need to know about the 2019 Guild elections

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Let’s start from the beginning

The QUT Guild is a student union and is the peak representative body for students at QUT. Each year, elections determine who will run the organisation for the next year. The QUT Guild advocates for students’ rights and their interests at our university. They also provide services and events for students and support clubs and societies.

There are different roles within the Guild that students run for in the election. These serve as a way to make sure different groups of students can be represented meaningfully and services can have input from those who they exist for. Students fill roles like Queer and Indigenous Officer to specifically advocate for those community’s interests, or roles like Campus Culture VP and Student Rights VP to more broadly advocate for the experiences of students while at QUT.

How do I get involved?

Any student can run in the election. Voting is online and it’s pretty easy to nominate. Here’s a list of what roles there are to nominate for. Here’s where to get the nomination forms. Nominations close on the 1st of November at 5pm. Voting opens on Monday the 11th of November at 9am and closes that Friday at 5pm.

Candidates can either run independently or with a group, which must have at least seven candidates and the group must be registered separately. There are 21 positions to run for.

Campaigning is banned on campus this year because the election is during exam block. Candidates are encouraged to market themselves online and in StalkerSpace, but make sure to follow their rules (candidate post here). The Guild will likely promote candidates/groups via informational posts and events on campus in the lead up to the election, though nothing is confirmed yet.

Follow for updates

Follow the QUT Guild’s Elections Facebook Page for future announcements. Check out the Guild’s Noticeboard page for general governance announcements. Keep an eye on the GLASS page for more coverage on the elections and all you need to know about the candidates.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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