Dawn to a Widow- Sathyani Kotakadeniya

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By Sathyani Kotakadeniya

Insanity…yes, I am draped in insanity  

Laughing the high pitched shrills of a nightingale a wing 

Hair down, pale faced, walking an infinitely slow walk  

I’ve become a slave to the world’s bitter ways 


I lost you love  

And with it I have lost myself  

Abandoning my happiness with your loss in the past  

Never letting myself move on in this never-ending circle of life 

I’ve become a ghost; an insomniac, a lunatic, a fright  


But time seems to heal the painful sores  

that brought tears once upon a time  

And now I’m left with scars; a reminiscence of the past of bittersweet memories, 

My tears trickle light  


That scar I will cherish till the day I die  

Like a trophy or a star 

Moving on doesn’t mean I don’t love you 

It means I’ve learned to love myself, accept life’s bitter ways 

Accept change and increment  

Yet cherish your love all the way 

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