Crash Course on Student-run Facebook Groups at QUT  

Uni can be isolating when you’re starting out – especially in degrees that don’t have practical tutes or strong cohorts. It can be easy to fall into the humdrum of uni routines – traipsing in and out of classes, without really engaging in the culture on campus and connecting with other people at the university. 

An easy little work-around is participating in one of the many online communities thriving throughout QUT. These platforms are excellent places to find out about what’s happening across both campuses, connect with other students, and to share your experiences.  

The platform which is most widely used is Facebook – there are pages that have over 65,000 QUT students, alumni or people involved in the QUT community as members. 

So, here’s a little crash course on the main Facebook groups you can join, and what their whole schtick is. Some of these are just for funsies, but others are helpful pages for letting you know what is happening on campus (and also save some money on textbooks).  

QUT StalkerSpace 2.1 

This group has the biggest following at QUT and brings you all the strange things going on at your campus, a place to ask questions and wallow in your struggles. Here’s a little greeting from one of the group admins:  

“QUT StalkerSpace 2.1 is the online hub for students to post memes, advice and, our favourite part of all, diss engineering students! Show off your creativity with the worst Microsoft word memes you’ve ever seen and bond with your fellow students over your crippling fear of failure, caffeine addiction and lack of sleep!  

“Jokes aside, it’s our goal to make a community for students and have everyone understand that they’re not alone in their journey for that expensive piece of paper. Post about your success, your struggles, how much you hated that Admin Law exam, and bond over how much we hate high school students coming onto campus. If you don’t like to suffer alone, QUT StalkerSpace 2.1 is the perfect place for you!” 

Qut LOVE Letters

Have you ever seen the love of your life on campus? And then you can’t stop thinking about them, how their hair flopped in the wind and the curve of their neck, the way they walked, and all the inside jokes you could make together… and your lives together… and how you’d grow old and then die together…  

…but then you realised they are just a stranger on campus, and they don’t know you and will never know you…I don’t speak from experience or anything…I SWEAR….no, you shut up!  

Well, QUT Love Letters is the perfect place to put your eloquent, romantic words into a Facebook post and share it anonymously to the rest of the student body, and hopefully that special someone. 

QUT Epic textbooks

Textbooks getting too pricey? Getting tempted to just skip the book and see how you go? Nervous that you should probably do your readings and try hard at uni? Well, here’s a group where you can buy and sell second-hand textbooks that are used in QUT courses. Students post the textbooks they don’t use anymore and, if you’re lucky, you can sometimes get books at half price! 

QUT Guild NoticeBoard

The QUT Student Guild has a Facebook page where they post announcements about upcoming Guild Council Meetings and current casual vacancies of the Guild executives. This is a great space to check out if you want to be involved in student politics at QUT.  

These are just a few of the many Facebook pages that QUT students use to connect with each other. You can find so many more by just popping ‘QUT’ in your Facebook search bar. Most of the clubs and societies on campus have QUT in their names, so you can find them there as well. 

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