Become a QUT Student Success Partner in 2024!

By Kyrah Honner, an experienced Student Success Partner  

Use your knowledge and experience as a QUT student to support your peers! It can be daunting to access support at uni, especially when you don’t know who can help. As a student, you have a superpower – you can provide insight into the QUT support services from a student perspective.  

QUT’s Student Success Partners focus on peer-to-peer engagement to empower students with the tools, mindsets, and connections to achieve success. Student Success Partners play an important role in bringing a student perspective and the delivery of services, such as the communication of student’s voices, connecting students to relevant resources, and providing timely support for academic skills and employability development. 

What type of roles are there? 

  • The Student Success Partner (Student Voice) provides insights into QUT’s evaluation strategy, assists with stalls to promote the Student Voice Survey to students, and encourages students to learn about the importance of student voice through assisting with the co-design and delivery of communications via face to face and digital channels. 
  • Student Success Partners (STEM) support students with advancing their maths, science and IT skills via online resources, workshops and drop-in sessions.  
  • Student Success Partners (Language & Learning) can assist with facilitated writing groups that focus on techniques to develop skills and confidence in writing for students. They also facilitate the Learning Hubs in the libraries where peer programs and other workshops run.  
  • The Student Success Partner (Careers & Employability) work with students to prepare and polish their job applications and to consider their career from a range of perspectives.  
  • The Student Success Partners (Retention) are a vital outreach for students in need. They contact students via phone and email to discuss and connect students to the relevant support resources.  

What can I get out of it?  

You can take ownership of your learning journey and learn what resources you can access during your study. Develop your academic skills, your interpersonal communication and your employability, and build your future. Get a greater understanding and see another side of QUT. 

Laura, a Student Success Partner within the Student Voice team, appreciates the emphasis on the value of student outlooks. “I am so lucky I get to work in a team/for an organisation that understands the demands placed on students and provides flexibility with study requirements and placements. It is also so encouraging to know that the university cares what students think and actively seeks out student voices to inform their services.”  

As a Student Success Partner in Retention, Kyrah also values the importance of her status as a student in these roles. “I was always a student first and was encouraged to prioritise my studies. If I ever encountered bumps in the road, I already knew exactly where to go for help and could use my experience to help other students.” 

Recruitment for these paid roles is open now. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Student Success Partner, please email for more information.  


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