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An Insider’s Guide to Club Searching at O-Week

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Ahh, good ol’ O-week. If you have ever been to an O-week, then memories of pure chaos, tents and bright-faced students convincing you to join their club will spring to your mind. Where in the name of Botanic Bar do you start? To a new first year or returning student, it may seem daunting, the reality is that navigating O-week can be made easier if you know where to look and what to do.

Find Your Interests:

The daunting news is this; QUT has over a hundred clubs. These range anywhere from societies for your degree, to food, to the most peculiar interests. In a basic sense, if you can imagine it, there is a high chance that it exists. For this reason, be on the lookout for the special interest group that you care about. If you are a new student or a returning student who wants to up their socialising game, finding like-minded people can make university life even more special. After all, telling the theatre students how many times you cried during Hamilton is a great ice-breaker.

Even if you cannot find a certain club tent during O-week, do not be alarmed. The QUT Guild has a list of every club at QUT, which include contact details.

“What if my interest club doesn’t exist?”

I hear you ask with a worried quiver. Do not fear, as if you cannot find a club, you can create one! If you want to know how you can do this, find out here.

Look Out for Discounts:

In addition to meeting new people, select clubs around campus have or will have deals that you can take advantage of. These include discounts at selected restaurants, half-priced movie tickets and exclusive opportunities that you can use. After all, we all share one common bond: we are broke uni students and that makes us want to cry. When you sign up, several clubs may offer physical cards that you can present at these selected locations.

Even something as little as a $2 discount could be beneficial if used right. The L-Card is one of the more popular discount cards on campus, with even more hidden gems if you’re willing to look. Sure, some clubs may not be your thing, but paying $5 for those sweet, sweet discounts is worth your time.

Carry Cash

You would think that in 2019, we would have accepted by now that most of us are tapping a little gold chip. While you can sometimes pay for club memberships with a card at the stalls or online, many clubs during O-week only accept those sweet, sweet plastic-y notes.

Clubs Are Bigger Than Just Their Interest

While at their heart, clubs will always be about celebrating an interest or hobby, there is so much more to be gained out of club membership. Clubs are the people, the experiences and the community they create. This means that you should not hesitate to join a club that you would normally avoid. This is university, and it goes by fast. It is the perfect time to try new things, create new experiences and meet new people. Is there a chance you may not enjoy the activities? Sure. However, there is a great opportunity for you meet new people, and perhaps even find a new interest.

It may seem obvious, but clubs were not formed for the sake of being formed. They were formed so that students could create a community that could celebrate the things that are important to them. On campus you will find anything from creative writing clubs to eating-as-much-as-you-can clubs. Take advantage of the opportunity now, because the reality is, adults very rarely get the chance to hang with people who also like Pokemon at academic institutions. If that is not incentive enough, to all the lovebirds out there, clubs could potentially lead you to finding your soulmate.

So in O-week, take a chance on fun and let loose. If you are still struggling with how to navigate your way around campus and are unsure of the finer details, look for the Guild tents located around campus. Look out for the funky looking individuals in black Guild shirts and they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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