After 5 heats, two semi-finals and one big ole grand finale we finally have a winner for the QUT Guild’s Battle of the Bands for 2019.

Unfiltered Euphoria came out on top against Jon Marsden and Flora Link in the final round of the comp earlier this month – an accomplishment that was supposed to be their ticket to playing alongside headliners Kingswood, The Delta Riggs and Running Touch in the recently cancelled Garden Sounds Festival. 

We got to know Jon Marsden in our recap for the third heat some time ago so let’s get you acquainted with the other two finalists. 

Unfiltered Euphoria

Harry Kidd (vocals/rhythm guitar), Will Bryant (lead guitar/vocals), Harry Cohen (bass), Brian Butcher (keyboard/vocals) and Logan Duval (drummer) make up Unfiltered Euphoria, the young rock band who were meant to be playing Riverstage in early October with three of Australia’s most popular acts. Whether or not they get to play the big stage, we’re still bloody impressed by this bunch of 18-year-olds.  

The rest of the boys came across Kidd in 2014 when he was performing an acoustic set at a school event. They were blown away by the thirteen-year-old performing his own original songs and, having already been dabbling in making music themselves, the group knew they had to get in contact with him. It wasn’t long before Kidd went from solo-performer to leading man of a five-piece band.   

For five people with fairly different interests (and who got into six separate music-orientated arguments during our forty-minute interview) the songwriting process is surprisingly collaborative. Everyone ends up putting their final touch on each song and the wide range of genres and styles that each of the boys take inspiration from becomes obvious when you listen to their full set.  

In the end, the best way to describe their music is classic rock reborn into a unique style of alt-rock. Too vague? Think of Mumford & Sons, Foo Fighters and Gang of Youths coming together to collaborate on an album and you’ve got a good idea.  

Keep your eyes peeled for their EP due to drop in October.  

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Flora Link

Flora Link are just here to have a good fucking time.  

Watching band members Dylan Kneipp (vocals/rhythm guitar), Matt Westwood (lead guitar), Cooper Dunne (bass) and Cameron Cooke (drummer) live should honestly be listed on as a must-do experience. You can expect guitars to be played behind heads, you can expect the singer to mosey on down into the crowd mid-song and you can expect to be orchestrated by the lead guitarist into singing along to the chorus. 

In March of last year Matt was preparing to play a gig with his previous band when the group suddenly broke up. Luckily Matt is not one to throw in the towel and instead of calling quits on the gig set off to find an entirely new group to perform with. He demanded his mate Cooper pick up the bass again after having not touched one since middle school and went to his house to have a jam session with their friend Cameron who played the drums. Cooper’s housemate, Dylan, of course got out of bed to see what all the fuss in his living room was about and boom – they had a singer. 

The almost-20-year-olds are telling the story of their generation through music and with them describing their sound as a mixture of “the worst components of pop, rock, surf and indie” you can expect music that is very much unique and very much relatable. Mix teen-angst rock with the sweet bits of indie pop and you’ve got the magic that is Flora Link.   

The boys are working on their first EP which is due to release very soon 

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