Where to Eat at Uni- James Edgerton/Liam Blair

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By James Edgerton (QUT Gluttony Society)/Liam Blair (QUT Veg) 

Advice from One Student to Another

~$10 feed at Carraway Pier – Kelvin Grove 

First up, it’s Carraway Pier – our local fish and chip joint. Not only do Carraway have the best chips at either campus, but their seafood basket is one of the better ones I’ve ever had. Usually they will have student deals on for most of the week, so for the exceptionally affordable price of ~$10 you can get your hands on a really good seafood basket, burger and chips, or whatever else they have on the sandwich board. They also do an amazing Vietnamese rice noodle salad, with either lemongrass beef, pork sausage or homemade spring rolls, or, if you’re a true glutton, all three! 

Kelvin Lee Bakery – Kelvin Grove 

When I first started at QUT in 2012, Kelvin Lee bakery got me through my roughest and poorest weeks. From the outside they might look like a regular western bakery, but upon walking through their doors, you will find that KLB is a very reasonably priced Vietnamese bakery with a God-like bahn mi at just over $4. Highly recommend! 

Best Subs in Brisbane at Dannyboys – Kelvin Grove 

Half way up the hill you will find this gem serving up the best subs in Brisbane. Their delicious bread is baked on site and if you’re kicking around bright and early on a cold winter’s morning, they also serve some beautiful soups.  

C-Block Food Court – Kelvin Grove  

If you cannot be bothered to travel down the hill, C-Block is a God-sent. For speedy sushi or karage chicken bowls, head directly to Sushi Mura. I’m pretty sure I ordered and received a bowl of deep-fried chicken in under a minute at peak lunch period once. Best day ever. In this space you will also find Archies American Diner if you want pizza or burgs, the cheapest Boost Juice in Australia, a coffee spot and really affordable Japanese curry at Teppan. 

Cold Beverages @ Grove Bar – Kelvin Grove 

Finally, above C-Block is my home. My love. My favourite place to do last-minute assignments – the Grove Bar. This small, intimate bar might seem a little quiet, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need when that mid semester stress hits and you need those cold drinks to get you through.  

Daily Deals at The Botanic Bar – Gardens Point 

I’ll be honest I don’t know GP nearly as well as KG but I think it’s fair to start at the bar. The Botanic Bar, ‘Bot Bar’ or “Botang” as some like to refer to it, is huge. Unlike The Grove, the Botang is a good place to go if you’re into big energy. It has plenty of space, arguably better pool tables and daily drinks deals.

P-Block Food Court – Gardens Point 

GP also has an impressive food court, with a Guzman Y Gomez, sushi, a salad bar and a kebab shop to serve you up a tasty HSP if the mood takes you. There’s a vast array of coffee shops both on and around the campus. GP also has great access to the city and all the food that is available there if you’re okay with bit of a hike. 

While this list isn’t comprehensive, my advice would be to explore your food options at your own pace. Of all the universities in Brisbane we are exceptionally lucky with our access to different foods. For more information on what’s good in or around QUT, hit up QUT Gluttony Society either on Facebook, or at our website We wish you all the best of the luck in your culinary experiences. 

Bonus Round – Vegan Options 

On both campuses there’s some seriously good options for the plant-based crowd.  

At KG, with the wide range of Asian cuisines, finding options is easy, whether it’s ramen and sushi in C block, or some of that $4 banh mi down the hill. Something a little out of the way is a Zambrero on Carraway street. It’s right next to The Menagerie which is a gorgeous little coffee shop if you’re in need of a coffee break. At Zambrero, there’s vegan cheese AND fried cauliflower. Hell yes. All that’s missing is some good options at Dannyboys (please, please, please). 

It’s a similar case at GP, with the obvious hot spots like kebabs and sushi. If you’re a fan of Zambrero then GYG is where it’s at. Unfortunately, none of the coffee shops at GP can match Menagerie. As mentioned above, you can always walk into the city for a bigger range of options. 

For more information on what’s good in or around QUT, hit up QUT Gluttony Society and QUT Veg on Facebook! We wish you all good luck in your culinary experiences. 

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