Unhappy With Your Marks?

We’ve reached the point in the semester where are a lot of us are getting our marks back and trying to figure out what we need to reach our academic goals. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had a moment when we’ve checked the My Grades tab and felt a bit confused or let down. There could even be a time where you’re content with your mark, but the feedback doesn’t make sense, so you wonder if the outcome is a true reflection of your work. 

Incase you didn’t already know, grade reviews are a thing at QUT. No, it’s not just a customary passing comment. If you’re unhappy with your marks and you think a genuine error has been made – you are well within your rights to have your grade reviewed – and it’s not too much of a complex process! 

The QUT Guild Advocacy has put together a simple, three-step program. I have summarized it below, but make sure to check out their website and send them an email if you need a helping hand with the process. HiQ also has a comprehensive explanation of the review process that I recommend perusing before you begin your application. 

It’s best off to begin with an informal consultation with your unit coordinator. Here you can go through your assessment with them and explain why you are unhappy with your grade. If you’re unsatisfied with the outcome of your informal assessment, you have the right to submit a School Level Review (RGS) form with HiQ. 

You have 10 working days to submit your RGS – this is counted from the day your final grades are released for the unit. The purpose of the RGS is to justify why you deserve a higher grade for the unit by analyzing your assessment and linking your work to a higher grade in the CRA. Your Head of School will review your form, and if it is accepted your assignment will be re-marked by an independent marker. Your grade may remain unaltered, you may receive a higher grade, or you will receive a lower grade.  

Still unhappy with the outcome? It’s time to submit a Faculty Level Review (RGF) to HiQ. You will have 5 working days to submit your RGF from the day you received the outcome of your RGS. A Faculty Level Review does not mean that your assessment will be re-marked for a second time, rather, the university will check that due process was followed with your School Level Review. The faculty review committee will then take into consideration any additional evidence or arguments you present.  

Remember that the QUT Guild Advocacy team is there to help you if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the process or need a bit of support with your review. Don’t ever feel discouraged to reach out. Their details have been provided below. 

Gardens Point Advocacy 

Phone: 3138 1683 (M-F 9am to 4pm) 

Email: advocacy@qutguild.com 

Kelvin Grove Advocacy 

Phone: 3138 2349 (M-F 9am-3:30pm) 

Email: kgadvocacy@qutguild.com 

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