Homeschool Column: Nola Hoang

Welcome back to another instalment of the Homeschool Column! Today we’re talking to Nola from the Business Faculty about their experience of studying in quarantine.

What’s your name and what do you study?

My name is Nola. I’m studying Bachelor of Business (Finance). I should be graduating end of 2020. I’m on exchange in Karlsruhe, Germany at the moment, which sucks because I planned so long for this exchange semester. But I’m trying to make the most out of this experience.

What does a typical day at home look like for you?

On a fine and proactive day, I would wake up at 6, meditate, and work out (#Chloetingchallenge). I only start actual studying/working at around 9 and since I schedule most of my classes on 1 day (so that I had more time to travel), I just have a lot of time learning something else or reading. I do have little to-do lists to tick off every day, but when I don’t feel like it, I would just do what makes me feel good.

Tell Glass about what’s going well with home study:

Less commuting time and less getting ready time have probably been the highlight of this experience. I have more time to study, do things I usually delay (call my family for example), and do what I like. I also feel a lot less anxious when deadlines come.

What are you struggling with?

I’m a homebody but I use travelling, going out and doing sports as sources for stress reliefs. And so it’s been pretty hard that I don’t get to do these things for a long time. I also go too easy with the systems and structures I put into my day as well, I often feel like a potato.

Are you working on a hobby or interest while in isolation?

I usually only read and write, but when a new idea comes, I would try to craft it with the minimal tools I have found inside my shared apartment.

What are you listening to right now?

Just easy German podcasts to learn German because I don’t have the opportunity to meet my German friends to practice.

If you were going to give students one piece of advice, what would it be?

I’d say turn this to an opportunity and explore anything you have always wanted to learn now.

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