Under the Moonlight- Ty Weinert

By Ty Weinert

The moon sure is bright tonight. Katie stares up into the night sky as she lays on the damp 

grass. She blows her unkempt curly blonde hair out of her eyes to enhance her fading vision. 

She just had to say it didn’t she. Don’t walk home at night because the cars can’t see you. 


Thanks for the jinx Mum. 


Katie’s chuckles quickly turn to agony as her broken body shivers. The pain of dying is 

nothing compared to the pain of proving her mother right. I can’t feel my legs. Prom’s 

tomorrow, Hannah’s birthday is next week, and I can’t feel my fucking legs. 


Katie attempts to move her long legs with little success, the limbs twisted in opposite 

directions. Poor Brandon. He was so sweet when he asked me to Prom and now he’s going to 

be known as the guy with the dead date. I hope it doesn’t hurt him too badly. I’ve always 

wanted a boyfriend and now that I have a date I die the day before. Thanks God! 

Katie runs her fingers through the grass as she smiles. Home. When I used roll around on the 

grass with Hannah. Dad used to say we would get itchy, but we didn’t care. Katie tries to roll 

over now in the grass to no avail. One day Hannah is going to watch her own kids playing 

while I’m nothing but a framed photo in the hallway. Dead next to the fucking road we take 

on the school bus every day. 


Katie’s eyes wander to her right arm, the radius bone having snapped and torn through the 

flesh. Bones. Mum always said osteology was a waste of time. Who wants to study bones for 

a living? You couldn’t just be happy that I was passionate about something, could you? So 

what if I don’t want to waste my life in this town like you? 

Katie’s gaze moves to the road nearby. Thanks for stopping asshole. You could have at least 

put a blanket over me or something. It wouldn’t have taken too much effort considering you 

fucking killed me and everything. 


Bright lights blind Katie as she squirms from the sudden interruption. Is this it? Heaven? Zac 

Efron won’t be there, so I guess it can’t really be heaven. I wonder if people normally think 

this much when they’re dying? The light leaves Katie just as quickly as it appeared, leaving 

only the sound of a car fading into the distance. Fuck. 

Sighing, Katie resigns herself to staring back up at the night sky. The moon sure is bright 



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