Submissions are Open for Issue Eight: Uncharted Waters

Hello again!

Glass is back for another round. The theme? Uncharted Waters.

This is our eighth issue, and submissions are open now! Coming off the success that was Issue Seven: Breaking the Stigma, Glass cannot wait to see the incredible work that will be produced.

Theme Prompt

You can interpret this any way you like, water-themed or otherwise. We’re living in uncharted waters, the new normal is abnormal. When have you gone the distance for your cause? What’s something you’ve never done before? What scares you about the unknown? Write to us about when you’ve been brave. Get political, or show a softer side. Better yet, try something new for Glass. Send us your secret photography or art project, or try your hand at writing an article. You can talk to Glass about a n y t h i n g, give us the bare essentials of your story or fluff it up into a literary piece. Uncharted Waters is practically an open theme, so give it all you’ve got.

Submission Info

Glass would particularly love more art submissions (comics included!)

Please make sure you’ve read our submission guidelines for written work and images/art. All content must be original and contributors must possess the rights to publish the work. For images, this includes having the permission of anyone in photographs to be published.

Writing: Short Stories, Nonfiction, Poetry, Open Letters, Opinion Pieces, Reviews, Recipes – if we can print it we can publish it. 

  • Magazine submissions have a hard word limit of 900 words for a two-page piece and 500 words for one page.
  • Please read our style and submission guidelines here.

Art: Photography, Drawings, Digital Work, Comics, photography of installations or exhibitions.

  • Must be of high printing quality – email if you have issues.

If you have trouble uploading your submission files for any reason, you may also submit your work through email to


Submissions will close at midnight on the 27th of March 2o2o (Friday)

Submissions are open to QUT students, past and present.

A Note from Glass

If you’re not a creative writer or artist, that’s fine! We’d love to see content from all across QUT, from Law to Education and everything in between. You can write on any topic in whatever format you want, an open letter, a review, a recipe, comics, photography an essay – it’s up to you. We’d like to particularly encourage submitting if you haven’t published anything before as we love seeing new contributors. (PS. having a professional writing credit is great for a resume) If you were a GLASS contributor in 2019, you know the drill – welcome back! 

If you have trouble uploading your submission files for any reason, you may also submit your work through email to

Submit here!

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