The Final Issue of Glass for 2020 is here!


Well, we made it. This is the end (for this year) for the Glass print editions. We have so many people to thank for the incredible and unpredictable year that has been.

To our contributors: Thank you. You make Glass what it has become and you have curated such a thriving community of writers, reporters, artists and engaged students. Thank you!

To our graphic designers: Emily Hill and Aidan Ryan, you are both absolute geniuses. We love the work you have done to make this magazine beautiful and we know your design legacy will live on in future issues.

To our past editor: Jess Perkins, you laid the groundwork for the phenomenal year we had. Thank you for your insight, and we are so happy to have seen you succeed in your studies and independent journalism pursuits.

To our coworkers at the QUT Guild: Your support has been so vital to us. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to an issue, who has shared an issue, who has read an issue or encouraged us when it felt hard. Thank you.

Without further ado, we present the final issue for you to read online:

Click here to read our final issue!

We’ve still got a couple of copies of each issue at our offices if you need to complete your 2020 set!

We’ve got plenty more to come, but this is the close of our final print issue.

Thank you.

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