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This delicious edition is written by Alesia Argelliez 

Way back in March 2022, in my first year of university (it feels so long ago now), my friend Zara and I made a pact to visit and eat at every single café on Kelvin Grove campus. We gave more devotion to this mission than our assignments that semester, but nonetheless we made it! We tried all sorts of coffee blends, pastries, sandwiches, chips, bagels, muffins – you name it, we ate it. 

From our visits, I managed to narrow it down to my top five favourite cafes that you can find across the campus and Kelvin Grove Village.  

Five ~ The Menagerie 

This hidden gem, situated near the park and in between the row of fast-food stores along Carraway St is The Menagerie. Open from the early hours of the day up until eight or nine at night, this petit café has both indoor and outdoor seating. The space is decorated with pot plants and wooden tables, giving that vintage, serene atmosphere. Whether you’re grabbing a coffee, catching up with friends or cramming in a late-night study session, this off campus spot is a must visit. If you happen to pop-in, definitely order the lavender chocolate cappuccino and their fresh banana bread. 

Four ~ Mean Beanz Espresso 

If you’re looking for a cozy, homey café to escape from the university chaos, then head straight to Mean Beanz Espresso, a little nook located along Blamey St in between student apartments. The walls inside are covered with retro paintings and art posters, bringing a unique and artistic flavour from the rest. The muffins are to die for, so I would definitely recommend sharing a couple with a friend (or all for yourself)! 

Three ~ The Boys House of Coffee 

If you want to be the main character in an 80s film, then the Boys House of Coffee is the place to go! A cool atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating, friendly staff, and delicious meals, located in the heart of Kelvin Grove Village, on the corner of Musk Avenue and Blamey St. My favourite part is that the café’s playlist never disappoints -it’s strictly 70s, 80s, and 90s music. From breakfast bagels to eggs benedict, fruit smoothies to delicious coffee, the vibes and tasty mouthfuls draw me in every time.  

Two ~ Brewed Awakening  

Located in the C Block food court is Brewed Awakening, a small but beautiful café serving takeaway drinks and food, offering a wide range of sweet and savoury options and a delicious coffee partnering with Gather Café. The staff are super friendly, will always serve you with a smile and even remember your name! My absolute favourite is the ham and cheese croissant. I can’t forget to mention their music – they always bless my ears with either indie rock or pop music (the kinda music you could find in my playlist). 

One ~ Gather Cafe & Bar 

And for the best café on campus…drum roll please…Gather Café and Bar located near the Kelvin Grove Bus Station and T Block! This funky café is right across the library, which is perfect for coffee refills and study breaks. Gather is very spacious whilst still feeling homey, with multiple seating options They offer a wide range of delicious drinks (including alcohol), breakfast, and lunch options. Their coffee never disappoints, and you can trust me on this one as I’m drinking their latte right now, while writing this.  

Cafés are my happy place; a haven for gossiping over coffee or a study muse. I’ve done the hard work and provided all of you coffee lovers with my top five favourite cafes in and around KG campus. Now, all that there is left to do is go and order yourself a coffee and croissant! 

Meet Alesia Argelliez, a short, chatterbox who studies a Bachelor of Creative Industries, double majoring in Creative Writing and Screen Media. She became Glassie’s very first intern for this year in September. She loves writing screenplays, short stories and poetry about either rom-coms or psychological thrillers, as well as creating short films. When she’s not creating cool stuff, she’s either at the beach, hiking, eating Mexican and Italian food, going to Aussie Indie Rock gigs, or doing Ju Jitsu.  

Alesia Argelliez
Alesia Argelliez
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