Screaming, crying, throwing up: Miss Taylor Swift is releasing a BRAND NEW ALBUM!! 

Shaking as I write this, I am more than pleased to announce that our absolute QUEEN, Miss Taylor Alison Swift, is releasing a brand spanking new album on April 19thThe Tortured Poets Department.  

In a surprise announcement today, as she accepted her thirteenth (13 is her favourite number, FYI) Grammy, Swift said thank you to her fans by “telling them a secret [she] has been keeping for the last two years” …. her new album. Going backstage, she then proceeded to post the announcement on Instagram, along with the album cover.  

Cue the Swiftie screams. 

No one saw this coming. The Swifties are a community full of conspiracy theorists, yet somehow, everyone missed this. The majority were waiting for an announcement of Reputation (Taylor’s Version) at her Toyko show before the Superbowl. This theory coincided with most of Taylor’s inner circle changing their profile pictures to black and white – a very Rep-coded move.  

And now here we are, brand new album looming. The first new album since Midnights was released in October 2022.  

We know nothing about The Tortured Poets Department, apart from what Taylor posted on her Insta, including the caption, “All’s fair in love and poetry”. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? 

The cover of this album is giving intimate and dreamy vibes. Considering the name, I’m sure we can expect some poetic lyrics – maybe a mix between Folklore, Evermore and Midnights

If she’s been keeping this one a secret for two years, I’m not sure how many songs we can expect about her new beau Travis Kelce – but Taylor doesn’t seem like the type to keep love songs about Joe Alwyn in a new album – I mean, have you SEEN her singing “Lover”

Hopefully, we’ll have some heart wrenching songs in the vein of “You’re Losing Me” – I’ve been needing a good cry, after all. 

And, if the fates align, we might even get a sneak peek of the album during one of her shows in Australia. 

Keep praying, fellow Swifties. 

Tione Zylstra
Tione Zylstra

Tione is one of the 2024 Glass editors. She's a final year Journalism and Justice (majoring in policy and politics) student who lives to write about everything going on in the world. If you're after more of her work, check out Urban List Brisbane, The Music, and Purple Sneakers. Concerts and food are her go-to, so hit her up for either of those and you'll have a winner.

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