QUT Qube Challenge 2023

The QUT Qube Challenge Sat / Sun 2023 marked a historic moment as the first official World Cube Association cubing competition organised by a university student club in Queensland. Taking place at the dynamic QUT Kelvin Grove campus on November 25th and 26th, the event drew over 150 competitors from 10 regions across the world, including World and National Record holders. Moreover, the event witnessed the achievement of new National Records and many remarkable results. This competition stands out as one of the biggest cubing events ever organised at QUT, with over 400 people involved to support the competitors.

As the sun dawned on the competition days, Qube club members and Speedcubing Australia (SCA) representatives had already arrived at the Kelvin Grove campus, transforming a collaborative study space into a dedicated cubing environment. From setting up tables and chairs to arranging cubing stations and scramble space, the execution was smooth and efficient. Around 160 Qube lanyards were distributed, and beginner tutorials were provided to support first-timers. By constructing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, this showcased Qube’s commitment to supporting the growing cubing community in Queensland.

Charlie Eggins (Left)
Toby Seufert (Left)
The Qube Club executive team – William Wang & Bryce Ballam

At the core of any competition lies the unveiling of extraordinary achievements, and the QUT Qube Challenge was no exception. Hundreds of personal records were broken and officially recorded on the WCA profile. Brisbane based Charlie Eggins, the 14-year-old World Record Holder for the Blindfolded 3×3 event, achieved an astounding average time of 7.10 seconds, securing first place in the 3×3 event on Saturday. Fellow 14-year-old Queenslander, Toby Seufert, who is the 2023 3×3 Rubik’s Cube Australian National Champion, obtained an average of 6.64 seconds, dominating Sunday’s competition. The two brothers, Joshua and Caleb Tekwie from Papua New Guinea, set new National Records in Megaminx, Skewb, and 2×2 events. Finally, the most impressive achievement was by Yibo Wang, who achieved an incredible 4.47 seconds 3×3 event single solve, ranking him 5th in China, 9th in Asia, and 32nd in the World!

15 year old Yibo Wang from China scored an incredible 4.47 seconds 3×3 event single solve.

The successful execution of the QUT Qube Challenge was not a stroke of luck but the result of meticulous planning and collaboration behind the scenes. Since June this year, Qube closely collaborated with SCA and the QUT Guild, engaging a team of 10 individuals from three associations. From venue inspection to cubing equipment confirmation, from allocating delegates to WCA online registration, the team ensured a smooth competition, striving to provide the best cubing experience and leaving a memorable impression this summer at QUT.

This event marked a milestone for Qube; every solve by Qubers at QUT will now be officially recorded on the WCA profile. Congratulations to Andres Rodriguez, for representing QUT Qube Club and reaching the Pyraminx podium! Positive feedback and wishes from participants and spectators illustrated the success of the competitions and the significant efforts invested in planning. Congratulations to all the winners, record holders, and Qube members for presenting an exciting, memorable, and wonderful cubing competition at QUT. As Ernő Rubik once said, “Our whole life is solving puzzles”, clearly, this time Qube has found the solution to the puzzle named the QUT Qube Challenge.

We are QUT Qube Club, a club that is really passionate about Rubik’s Cube! Each semester we run fortnightly seminars to help beginners develop advance Qubers’ skills. We are open to all QUT students under the QUT Guild’s program. 

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