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QUT Guild Petitions Facebook to Bring Back StalkerSpace

By February 23, 2019 April 26th, 2021 No Comments

The QUT Guild today released a petition demanding that Facebook restore QUT StalkerSpace 2.0 and other groups, and give reasoning for their original deletion.

Guild President Vinnie Batten penned the petition and cited a written confirmation from Vice-President (Administration) and Registrar Leanne Harvey, who stated QUT was not responsible for the take down.

Batten pointed out that because the group was used by about 50,000 students, staff and security monitored it to stay up to date with happenings at the university, as it was often the first place students went with questions and complaints.

“It is my belief, alongside the broader student community, that the permanent removal of the group was unjust, and negatively impacts student life at our university,” Batten said.

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