Nominations confirmed for October stuPol elections

The QUT Student Guild Logo, accompanied by text reading: Elections. Candidates confirmed. Nominations have been finalised for this month's student election.

Nominations for QUT student representative positions in 2023 have been announced this week, with only four positions to be contested. 

Applications were open for positions on the QUT Student Guild, Student Representative Council, and Student Guild Board from August, as were nominations for up to seven delegates to the National Union of Students. 

The Student Guild is the union representing all students at QUT. 

Seventeen positions of a possible twenty-four were only contested by a single ticket, meaning those nominees have automatically been elected unopposed. 

The 2023 Student Guild President, Engagement Officer, International Student Officer, and CIESJ Councillors are contested, and will be determined by election results in Week 13. 

Postgraduate Students Officer, one of the two Business and Law Councillors, and one Student Board position will remain vacant as they were not contested by any student. The incoming team will begin the process of filling these vacancies in 2023. 

StuPol ticket Reach has controlled the Student Guild since 2018, but is not vying for any 2023 positions. Some former Reach members, however, will either continue or seek to continue with the Student Guild under the new ticket, Grow. 

Of the seven NUS delegate positions, five have been won by Left Action, and two by Grow. 

Voting is open to all current QUT students, and will occur electronically during Week 13. Polls will open here at 9:00 am Monday October 24th, and will close at 11:59 pm Thursday October 27th. 

Successful nominees will assume their respective roles from December 1st. 

More to come. 

The following nominees have been elected unopposed:

Student Executives 

Secretary: Aamna Asif (Grow) 

Treasurer: Usama Shafiq (Grow) 

Welfare Officer: John Longwill (Grow) 

Education Officer: Emme Muggleton (Grow) 

Clubs and Societies Officer: Madison Shepherd (Grow) 

Queer Officer: Thanh Long (Oliver) Vu (Grow) 

Women’s Officer: Sia Hills (Grow) 

First Nations Officer: Ziphoria Minniecon (Grow) 

Disabilities Officer: Harley Manley (Grow) 

Environment Officer: Isabella Foley (Left Action) 

Faculty Councillors (Two people per position) 

Science Councillors: Veronica Palk and Declan Kerr (Left Action) 

Engineering Councillors: George Dobbs (Left Action) and Samantha Burbidge (Grow) 

Business and Law Councillors: Amay Small (Grow) and [vacant] 

Health Councillors: Zac Hyde and Tegan O’Connor (Grow) 

Guild Media Team* 

Ciaran Greig, Konstanz Muller Hering, Benjamin Steele, and Celeste Muller 

Student Board Members 

Olivia Brumm 

Jarrod Ward 

NUS Delegates 

Sel Dowd (Left Action) 

Darcey Rowan (Left Action) 

Isabella Foley (Left Action) 

Erin Milne (Left Action) 

Declan Kerr (Left Action) 

Zoe Davidson (Grow) 

Aamna Asif (Grow) 


Note: The Guild Media Team are the editors who produce Glass. One incumbent, Ciaran Greig, is also a current editor with Glass. 

The following positions will be contested in Week 13 elections:  


Tu‐Ai Le (Independent) 

Sel Dowd (Left Action) 

Zoe Davidson (Grow) 

Engagement Officer: 

Shayla Hiu (Independent) 

Melina Skidmore (Grow) 

International Student Officer: 

Thi To Nga (Jane) Hoang (Independent) 

Moin Rahman (Grow) 

Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice Councillors: 

Darcey Rowan and Erin Milne (Left Action) 

Dylan Barrett and Tom Hinchcliffe (Grow) 


The following positions will remain vacant at the start of 2023:  

Postgraduate Students Officer 

Business and Law Councillor (1) 


Tom Loudon
Tom Loudon

Tom (he/him) is a Meanjin/Brisbane based writer and the Editor in Chief at Glass Media. He has a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts (Creative Writing) and is currently studying Communications (Journalism) at QUT.

Articles: 75

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