Muhammad Umair Amir: Candidate for Post Grad Officer

Glass invited all candidates to submit a statement about why they’re running in the Guild elections and why you should vote for them. This statement is being published as received from the candidate.

Voting opens MONDAY 23rd OCTOBER 2023. You can read all candidate statements here.

Greetings, fellow students! 

I am delighted to announce my candidacy for the position of Postgraduate Student Officer at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). My name is Muhammad Umair Amir, and I am currently pursuing Master of Information Technology at QUT. My mission is to enhance the postgraduate experience and to ensure that every student’s voice is heard and valued. 

I bring a unique perspective to this role with a strong background in finance and a CFA designation. This financial shrewdness equips me to effectively navigate budgetary considerations and advocate for increased financial resources that can directly benefit our postgraduate community. 

In addition, I am honored to be nominated for the National Union of Students (NUS) delegate position. This dual candidacy reflects my dedication to representing not only the interests of our postgraduate community at QUT but also our broader student body on the national stage. 

Throughout my academic journey at QUT, I have been fortunate to meet and collaborate with a diverse group of students from various backgrounds and disciplines. This experience has given me a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that our postgraduate community faces. It is with this understanding that I am eager to take on the role of Postgraduate Officer. 

I’ve had the privilege of speaking with PhD students, and their feedback is invaluable. It’s clear that there’s room for improvement in our program. Some students have expressed concerns about the structure of the PhD program, feeling that it could be enhanced to provide not only a degree but also a more comprehensive set of skills. I am committed to working towards refining the program to ensure that our students leave with both a degree and the practical abilities they need to thrive in their respective fields. 

I am dedicated to a holistic vision for our postgraduate community, with a particular focus on supporting our international students. Here’s how I plan to make a positive impact: 

  1. Tailored Integration Support: I will develop specialized programs to help international students seamlessly integrate into both academic and social aspects of university life. Through targeted assistance, we’ll ensure that every student, regardless of their background, feels welcome and empowered to excel. 
  2. Global Perspective in Professional Development: I will organize workshops and events designed to enhance professional skills and provide insights into navigating international careers. This will equip postgraduate students with the tools they need to thrive in a global job market. 
  3. Promoting Cultural Exchange: I will foster cultural exchange programs and events to enrich the experience of international students and offer local students the chance to broaden their horizons. This dialogue will create a more inclusive and harmonious academic environment. 
  4. Prioritizing Mental Health and Well-being: Recognizing that the pressures of academia can sometimes be exacerbated for international students, who may be far from their support networks, I will advocate for expanded mental health resources and support systems. These resources will be tailored to cater to the unique needs of international students, ensuring that everyone has access to the assistance they may require. 
  5. Empowering Through Language and Financial Support: Recognizing the significance of language proficiency in academic success, I will advocate for enhanced language support services. These services will be designed to assist international students in improving their language skills and confidence. Additionally, leveraging my finance background and commitment to achieving the CFA qualification, I’ll actively seek financial resources like scholarships and grants to ease academic pressures and enable focused studies. 

Please remember to cast your vote and play a crucial role in driving positive change within our community. 

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