Mothership- Jessica Taggart

By Jessica Taggart

What will we do when our planet dies? 

Will we build a mine just to keep us alive, 

Will we tend the fire and then put out the flame, 

What will we do when the worlds not the same, 

What will we do when all the animals leave, 

Will we sit in their shadow and silently grieve, 

And what then when the seas fill the world, 

When ice caps are melted, when chaos has unfurled, 

What will do when the last child is born, 

When the rivers stop running, will we witness and mourn, 

What will we do when the food chain is broken, 

When the last note is sung, when the last word is spoken, 

Will we sit with our money, and out coins we will cry, 

Much like our shores, will our savings be dry, 

Will we look to our leaders for guidance and strength, 

Cashing in our last penny, spending forth our last cent, 

Will we sit in our houses as our true home wilts away, 

Will we save our voices, with nothing left to say, 

Will we wish we’d done different, will we regret what we’ve done, 

What will happen to the world when the humans are none? 

Liam Blair
Liam Blair
Articles: 34

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