The Plastic Column: ‘Missing’ Labels in Canvas cause increased stress for students

QUT students have reported increased levels of stress caused by the ‘missing’ labels on assessment submission links in Canvas.  

These ‘missing’ labels have been appearing in the ‘Status’ column on the submissions link for extensions longer than the Automatic 48-hour Extension.  

Many students reported that these labels stress them out unnecessarily because they mistake them for legitimate labels and believe they failed to submit an assessment.  

A spokesperson from the University said these labels are an unavoidable feature from Canvas’ software set up. 

They have apologised for the stress caused but urged students to ‘get over it’.  

“If students took two seconds to read what these labels appear on, they wouldn’t be driven to the melodramatics we have seen lately,” QUT said.  

Engineering student Jae Conley said they were reduced to a ‘whimpering mess’ on the floor of P-Block at Gardens Point campus.  

“I saw those big ugly red ‘missing’ labels on every second submission link and had intense feeling of unease wash over me because I thought I had missed half of my assessments,” Conley said. 

“I was only just passing, so I had thought that I was going to have to retake all my units and – in this economy – I was going to have start selling feet pics or something.” 

Students have also reported unreasonably long queues for the bathrooms, a shortage of chips and chocolate in the vending machines, and tumble weeds of hair rolling around on campus. 

School of Law Senior Lecturer Dr Dario Ford said dozens of students have been showing up to his lectures and tutorials with visibly thinner hair or with completely bare sections of scalp. 

“I was concerned because I thought QUT had an outbreak of mutant nits or the chemistry students had caused some dangerous chemical pollution,” Ford said. 

“It wasn’t until I was at Merlo that I saw a student rip their own hair out while checking their grades. 

“They were thrashing and screaming… and I could have sworn their eyes changed colour.” 

People at both campuses have reported seeing students dropping to foetal positions, muttering to themselves about deadlines and doctor’s certificates, and reacting strongly to the colour red.  


This is legitimately sarcasm—so just laugh and don’t take offence please… or assume any of the facts are true!

If you are struggling with your mental health, QUT has counselling and psychology services available here

Ben Steele
Ben Steele
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