Meet Your: Health Faculty Councillor 2024 – Maya Rawlinson

Hi everyone!! My Name is Maya Rawlinson and I am a second-year Biomedical scientist student and this year’s Health Councilor.

I am a very passionate health scientist with a special interest in all thing’s cancer and cancer research. I spend some of my free time volunteering for Pancare, a fundraising organization who wants to raise awareness to the awful thing that is upper GI cancers. The rest of the time I like to get outdoors, rock climbing and read in the shade.

I decided to run for Health Councillor as I am passionate about helping my fellow students. I want all health students to have another person they can come to get help from, be that learning to balance life and study or how to be as active in uni as you can, to voicing concerns about creating a more supportive environment within health for students with disabilities.

This year I hope to achieve changes or developments in the policies around bringing mobility aids into our sterile labs. I would also love to team the Guild up with Pancare to run an event to raise awareness and funds surrounding the upper GI cancers because, believe it or not, our age group of 18- to 40-year-olds are more likely to end up being diagnosed with a later stage cancer due to the mindset of “not at my age”. So, I would absolutely love to achieve this, but mostly I just want to meet as many of my peers as possible and to make lifelong friends. Feel free to say hi if you see me around campus** or email me via 

** (I might be me or my sister though, if you do say hi! I happen to be an identical twin)

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