Meet Your: Environment Officer 2024 – Milani Rawlinson

Hello everyone. My name is Milani, and I am your Environment officer for 2024! 

I am a second year Bachelor of Science Student, majoring in Environmental science, and minoring in wildlife ecology and biology.  

I am an encyclopaedia when it comes to the environment and can easily tell you the names of most living and non-living things (apologies if you get stuck with me on a walk!).  

I am incredibly passionate about volunteering, and I have achieved my Queen Scout with Scouts Australia. I am also very passionate about the wellbeing of my peers, community, and environment on top of being an avid crocheter and a multidimensional nerd (I know almost every fandom just ask).  

I applied for this position because I believe that every person should have access to the environment as it is proven to improve mental health and wellbeing. I want to use my environmental knowledge and diplomatic skills to listen to our community and advocate for students’ environmental needs and concerns.  

My primary goal is to ensure that our experience while studying at QUT is as prosperous and ecologically friendly as possible.  

This year I want to achieve the completion of a functioning QUT Community Garden to improve student wellbeing on campus, assist the food bank, and bring green living to students and members of the community. I believe these initiatives would help the community understand the importance of green areas in maintaining the health of the overall morale on campus. 

Since beginning my role, I have met with so many important people at QUT and I have helped assist and shape the experience we as students are having on campus.  

But I don’t just want them to hear from me…I want to be able to go to these people and say, hey, this is what the students of QUT want from QUT!  

As your environmental officer I want to hear from you! Shoot me an email at or say hi when you see me at events around campus. 

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