Meet Your: Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice Councillor 2024 – Ella O’Brien

My name is Ella O’Brien, and I am one of the Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice Councillors for the QUT Student Guild in 2024! 

I am currently studying a dual Law and Creative Industries degree, majoring in Entertainment (so I know both campuses well!) Despite transitioning to online studies due to recent health revelations, I maintain a deep connection to the university experience, further enriched by my identity within the LGBTIQA+ community. 

Entering my seventh year at QUT, I am deeply invested in enhancing the student journey within the CIESJ faculty. This commitment propels me to volunteer my services within the Guild, aspiring to enact meaningful and positive changes for our student cohort. 

My advocacy for creative industries and social justice is not only evident in my academic pursuits but also in my professional endeavours as a freelance theatre practitioner. Additionally, my dedication extends to community engagement both in Brisbane and my rural hometown of Roma, QLD. 

Central to my mission is to serve as a staunch academic ally for our student body, ensuring that the Student Guild remains genuinely student centric. I eagerly anticipate contributing to various committees and leveraging my voice to advocate for all students, irrespective of faculty affiliations. 

I wholeheartedly welcome your feedback and suggestions for enhancing the CIESJ Faculty at QUT. Please feel free to reach out via email with any concerns or ideas you wish to share at . I am excited about the prospect of collaborating and making a meaningful impact on the student experience at QUT. 

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QUT Student Guild
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