Issue Eight: Uncharted Waters is here!

At long, long, long last, we have something special to share with you. Glass Uncharted Waters is here! Get a downloadable copy, or find it with the Read Glass button in our header.

We (Em, Jas, Anahita and Ashleigh) are so proud of this issue and all of our wonderful contributors. Thank you to our cover artist, Chelsea Shotton, and to Aidan Ryan, our Graphic Designer, for pulling it all together. Thank you also to the lovely people who shared the launch with us on Sunday, it was a wonderful afternoon with you all.

This mag was created in an everchanging environment, and it feels wonderful to have it here to share with you. Glass is digital for now, but you’ll be seeing some print copies as soon as possible. Enjoy, and look out for Issue Nine, coming soon!

Our Contributors

Jordan Towns, Jack Roylance, Sean West, Julienne Pancho, Kelly Holden, Riley Baxter, Jandi Flynn, Jak Kirwin, Jordan, Lauren Marshall, Sariah Christensen, Kaitlin Litt, Lili Mikami, Delila Bevan Zavadsky, Benji Gorton, Olivia Brumm, Nola Hoang, Chelsea Shotton, Sophie Barlow, Tristan Neimi, A.R. Riley, Shania, Nina Busteed, Alicia Tonio, Elizabeth Lim

Thank you so much for sharing your work. It means the world to us and the Glass community.

Want a copy?

We’ll be printing soon. But, if you want dibs, put your name on this Google form so we know how many to get!

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