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Update from QUT Guild International Officers

On Wednesday the 7th of March, QUT Guild held their first International Hangs of the year to welcome the international freshies on campus in Aussie style—with a sausage sizzle, of course.  

Even before the QUT Guild International Team arrived to set up the space at Kelvin Grove’s humble Kundu Park, there were already a couple of groups present, eagerly eyeing the team as they put up posters and prepared the paper plates. A steady stream of students flowed in swiftly, most definitely hungry after a day of uni. By 5.30pm the pavilion was pretty much packed, and the line for a free dinner fix begun. 

They were ready to feed the village. 

About 150 QUT friends gathered over kebabs and patties, bonding over their experiences of moving to Brissie. A few local students had heard of the event and couldn’t resist checking it out. The queue snaked all the way up the hill to the barber’s, and the cooks went through the packs of meat—there were vegan and vegetarian options, along with salad to put on bread.  The Indian Society and Singapore Students’ Association even brought some local delights for the masses to try. It was a frenzy watching the spread go out so quickly. Thankfully, the team had stocked up on sausages and had a helping hand from some of their mates from around the globe. It wasn’t even an hour later when all the food had been given out!  

Some left, others lingered, but ultimately the team’s effort was all worth it. In the coming weeks the International Officers hope to carry on with International Hangs, providing a relaxed environment for students to mingle and mix over a light meal. And perhaps, there’ll be a lil’ International Bingo at the next Hangs, just to make sure everyone’s making some new friends.   

For updates on International Hangs, or just to say hello to your International Officers Persis Lok and Victor Daroa, visit the QUT Guild International Facebook page @qutguildinternational  



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