Glass Gazette: Inside, The comedy show that’s rotting University students’ brains.

Bo Burnham in a dark room at his piano mic with seedy sunglasses on.
Still sourced from: Netflix (c) Bo Burnham

Comedian Bo Burnham’s latest comedy special Inside has taken the internet by storm, with strong audience approval from Gen-Z and millennial-aged students — so much so that concerns are beginning to rise amongst teaching staff and student peers.  

There are reported sightings of a student with a sock on their hand in the library bathroom singing about the world being built with blood, genocide and exploitation. Anonymous staffers have confirmed the student was escorted off campus – with the sock claiming to be Socko.  

One anonymous business tutor has come to us to express their concerns.   

“These last few weeks, students via zoom have been acting particularly unusual.

“Every time I open the floor to questions surrounding entrepreneurship, my chat is flooded with students screeching ‘Jeffery Bezos’ and vaguely satanic suggestions about drinking blood – I don’t know what the [redacted] is going on.”  

A group of QUT students are particularly concerned about their friend Lily, and have reached out to the Gazette to help them put together this expose on how damaging the comedy special has become to students like Lily.   

“We always knew she slipped into isolation a little too easily last year, but now we’re really concerned about her mental health… she seems kind obsessed with Jeffery Bezos now?”

“It’s weird”.   

The comedy special is an iconic insight into the mind of Comedian Bo Burnham and his comedic commentary on society and the internet. 

Still, the catchiness of his tunes seems to be highly addictive to specific students. 

“All she ever does is talk about Bo Burnham and send TikToks of the comedy special; it’s getting annoying… she isn’t even responding to the group assignment messages anymore, and when she does show up, she sings about being an ‘Unpaid Intern’ and keeps buying us all coffee (I don’t mind that part).”  

Lily, if you see this article, we’re worried about you. 

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