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This week is QUT’s Sustainability Week and one of the Guild’s environment initiatives is Green Caffeen!

Coffee, we all love it. It’s become a staple in Australian culture. With McDonald’s releasing their “Coffee fit for an Aussie” campaign, and Australian-style cafes popping up internationally, it is not a secret that Aussies take coffee seriously. I mean why not; it truly is one of the greatest things on this Earth. But what if our intense love for coffee isn’t the greatest for our Earth?

In Australia alone we throw out one billion disposable coffee cups every year. That works out to be forty coffee cups, per person, per year. The problem? That’s ending up in our landfill, or worse our oceans. Now before we get defensive, I am completely aware that COVID-19 has stolen our cute keep cups and made it almost entirely impossible to be sustainable. But a little Aussie start up from Kiama won’t let COVID-19 get in the way! Green Caffeen is a FREE reusable coffee cup system for coffee lovers across Australia. This irresistibly easy coffee cup system has just been introduced at QUT and I implore you to try it!

How does it work?

Step 1) Download the App

Step 2) Fill in your details

Step 3) When ordering a coffee at a participating retailer, ask for a Green Caffeen cup

Step 4) Scan the café’s QR code on the App and select Grab and Go

Step 5) Drink your delicious coffee

Step 6) You have 30 days to return your cup. You can drop this off at any participating café. You can either scan the café’s QR code and select Swap & Go if you are purchasing another coffee, or simply Drop & Go if you are only dropping off a cup.

It really is that simple! And as I have already said, COMPLETELY FREE. However, just like a library book, if not returned within a 30-day period, a charge of $12.99 will be applied to cover the cost of the cup. This may seem daunting especially for people as disorganised and forgetful as me, however the system has been designed as a loan system and they don’t want you keeping their cups! So, you will have consistent reminders to let you know that your cup needs to be returned.

So lastly, why participate in this initiative when I can compost my coffee cups at QUT? Although the sustainability of the manufacturing process of biodegradable coffee cups is debated, the largest difference between biodegradable cups and Green Caffeen, is that Green Caffeen eliminates waste altogether. As responsible consumers it is our duty to shift from the mindset of recyclable equals good and go one step further and eliminate the consumption of waste altogether. Green Caffeen cups are made with FDA approved food-grade recycled plastic, are BPA free, 100% Australian made, energy efficient and fully recyclable.

In summary, they are pretty awesome cups that make your coffee taste great, and help you feel a little less guilty for consuming that 3rd coffee at 3pm… Shhh who’s counting?

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