God’s Good Name and What’s God-Given- Those Who Live Among Us

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By Those Who Live Among Us

856 years of history was lost with Notre Dame  

55 million’s worth is burning now with the Amazon in flames 

The world can make it rain to protect God’s name 

But when it comes to the environment, we can’t say the same 


How come were not driven to protect something God-given 

To me it’s odd given the ecosystem is what’s living 

You’re a fraud even if it’s not word-for-word forbidden 

You think you’ll be forgiven for such a flawed living? 


I’m tired of hearing about how much plastic is in the ocean 

I’m sick of hearing people denying Global Warming is in motion 

How much louder do we have to raise all of this commotion 

Until someone with power can show some sympathy and emotion 

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