Glassies Gift Guide 2023

As we get into the beloved (and dreaded) festive season, it’s time to start thinking about your families, loved ones, friends and relatives’ gifts. It can be overwhelming trying to determine what the heck to get people. Hopefully, this gift guide can act as a starting point and offer some inspiration; remember that all of these gift ideas can be altered and personalised to be suitable for any/all genders.  

With a week to go till the big day, I have prepared ten niche categories with present ideas for the people in your life, spanning from $20 to $50 depending on your budget (cries in broke uni student).  

The Workaholic  

      We all have that person in our lives who lives and breathes work; they are probably stressed, overworked, and constantly on the run, but they wouldn’t trade it for the world—the kind of family member or friend who is always checking their emails, even on holidays.

      $20 and under:

      • A cute pair of blue light glasses to protect that precious vision from the harsh glare of computer screens 24/7. You can find a cheap pair from Typo and Kmart!
      • A funny mug: chances are your workaholic mate has few ways to express themselves in the confines of the office, so why not choose a funny or cute mug that shows off their personality? See one of my personal faves on Etsy here! Typo also has some very cute and quirky ones.

      $50 and under:  

      • A classy notebook: I highly recommend Kikki K– you can even spend a little extra to get their notebook or journal monogrammed with their initials or name for that added level of class. Papier also makes beautiful, personalised diaries and journals, and you can even choose your own design, colour scheme or personalisation.
      • A funny computer mouse pad: Etsy has some hilarious and stylish mouse pads for your friend who works from home or just wants to spruce up their office desk. Check out this one, which includes a Zoom call bingo.  

        The Coffee Lover

        Someone who is lowkey a bit too into their coffee, the kind of person who you cannot see prior to them having had their morning espresso, and whose daily plan revolves around when and where their next coffee comes from. Aside from buying them actual coffee or a coffee machine, here are some other ideas for our caffeine-crazed friends.

        $20 and under:

        • Downloadable ‘Coffee Lover’ art print: Imagine some cute and funny coffee-related art hanging above their coffee cart or kitchen bench. Check out one of my personal faves on Etsy to support local artists and receive a downloadable print.  
        • Coffee sample tasting and notes journal gift set: A beautiful set that includes three sampler bags of Good Citizen Coffee Co’s most popular coffee blends and a coffee tasting journal, which includes regional flavour profile maps to document your coffee journey.  

        $50 and under:

        • A reusable and insulated coffee cup (duh): I absolutely love the range from Frank Green!  
        • An espresso martini soy candle: What better for a coffee lover than to have their house or room smell like coffee? Check out this adorable espresso martini candle from By Saide.  

        The Bookworm

        The one who dreams of having their own personal library with one of those dreamy ladders, who is waiting for their book boyfriend to show up, and who is a sucker for an enemies-to-lover type beat but still pretends to enjoy classics.

        $20 and under:

        • A personalised book stamp: What could possibly be more exciting than creating a personalised book stamp, which can be used as a custom library stamp on your books. Etsy has loads of beautiful ones, including embossers which are slightly on the pricier side. However, if you are looking for a cheap, thoughtful and stunning personalised stamp, check out my fave here!  
        • Bookish lapel pins: Bookworms all have tote bags that are just ready and waiting to be donned with adorable enamel pins and references to their favourite books. One of my personal favourite stores to get these is Harry Hartog, if you are looking for some of their bookish pin range check them out here!  

        $50 and under:

        • A Jellycat: Trust me when I say that Jellycat lovers have a direct correlation in the Venn diagram to book lovers. What better to keep you company while you are cosied up with a book than one of these adorable plushies? To buy them in Australia, I recommend kids toy stores, Harry Hartog, and even your local chemist’s gift section.  
        • Anti blue light rechargeables booklight: Okay, hear me out! This little guy may not look all that impressive, but as someone who owns one… it is epic! This little book lamp is the perfect thing for travelling, camping or simply cozying up in bed without overhead lighting. My favourite feature is that the light is anti blue light, so it doesn’t disturb your ability to go to sleep and doesn’t attract bugs when reading outside.  

        The Homebody & Wellness Baddie  

        You already know they do their morning meditation, sleep on their silk pillowcase, love some essential oils and herbal tea before bed, and have a specific morning and night routine for maximum relaxation and productivity (we all secretly wish we were them). But they all love nothing more than rotting away in their bed (me), binge-watching Netflix and YouTube undisturbed, and listening to their favourite podcasts in the company of a bubble bath and candles.

        $20 and under:

        • A Wellness journal: a must have for all the wellness gurus out there, a guided journal is perfect to unwind after the day or to begin the day after some morning meditation. There are literally millions of options out there and vary greatly in price range. For an affordable and cute journal try the Elevate Wellness Journal or the viral 5 Minute Gratitude Journal from Amazon.  
        • Some delicious, fancy tea: There is nothing more indulgent and therapeutic than being gifted some beautiful tea. Check out everyone’s favourite tea store T2 for some beautiful gifts, including the Evergreens Duo Pack for under $20.  

        $50 and under:

        • A bath caddy: Nothing says luxury and a cozy night in quite like a gorgeous bubble bath, and what better way to elevate the experience than by gifting a Bath Caddy. There are plenty of options, but check out this great bamboo one from Amazon which includes a wine holder, book and iPad stand.  
        • Cute PJ’s: Tis the season for cute and comfy PJ’s, for dreamy, silky vibes check out this matching lace set from Cotton On Body or if you are more of a boxers/shorts type of person then checkout some of the adorable sale options from Peter Alexander.  

        The Plant Parent  

        We all know that person whose house is FILLED, and when I say filled, I mean, you cannot move for plants. They have a very niche and specific watering schedule, they are lowkey judging you for your inability to keep your cactus alive (look I am trying okay?), love to spend their weekends at the farmers market, and browsing their fave local plant shops for new plant babies, cute and quirky pots, and new gardening accessories.

        $20 and under:

        • Propagation station: For the succulent mums and dads, and the folks who are always looking for locations to get clippings from – they need a propagation station! Check out this triple station option from Bunnings! 
        • Sprout bookmark: These adorable bookmarks make the perfect gift for the plant lover in your life, grab a 6-pack on Amazon.  

        $50 and under:

        • Botanic prints: Botanic and floral prints are the perfect subtle addition of artwork for any plant-lovers home, check out Etsy for some cheap downloadable options, or check out places such as Ink Art House to nab a piece on sale.
        • Crochet plant car hanger: Check out all the adorable handmade options on Etsy for the cutest addition to your friend’s car!

        The Easily Influenced (or TikTok obsessed)  

        This is another self call-out, but we all know someone TikTok obsessed, and easily influenced. You already know that their Christmas wish list is filled with the most recent trending products and items. They aren’t afraid to be called “basic” because, who cares, it brings them joy! 

        $20 and under:

        • Printed/quilted makeup bags: Again, we have all seen the adorable printed and quilted makeup bags dominate our TikTok feeds, with bougie brands charging an arm and a leg for strawberry prints galore. However, Cotton On has got their own range of adorable cosmetic makeup bags that fit right in, check them out here! 
        • Fluffy smiley face slippers: Another viral product that is too cute not to love, grab some of the iconic smiley face slippers from Amazon or alternatively, try your luck at TK Maxx.  

        $50 and under:

        • Mushroom lamp: We all saw the adorable glass mushroom-esque lamps that went TikTok viral, well I’m here to let you in on a little secret (Kmart is selling them for under $50 in adorable light pink and white shades!).  
        • Summer Fridays lip balm: Welcoming the new IT girl of the cosmetics scene… Summer Fridays. This is a “must have!” for all of the TikTok obsessed, and bonus points – it looks and smells delish. Check it out from Mecca here!  

        The Gym Rats & Pilates Princesses 

        The fitness lovers, gym rats, Pilates princesses, runners (psychos), and athletes. They all seem to love waking up at an ungodly hour, love a new workout set, and are all trying to get those gains.  

        $20 and under:

        • Cute Pilates “grippy socks”:  Cotton On Body has done it again, check out their adorable range of Pilates socks here!  
        • Gym headbands:  Glassons are selling some adorable twin sets of headbands, perfect for keeping your hair out of your face when working out, or even as a cute accessory to an athleisure outfit.  

        $50 and under:

        • A new band for their Apple watch or Fitbit: Grab a cute new band for their apple watch or smart watch, there are tons of options on Amazon, and even Kmart, as well as smaller businesses like The Salty Fox which has a range of cute designs and colours.  
        • Ankle/wrist weights: Looking to make a workout even more effective? Or maybe you want to build some muscle tone while cleaning the house or doing your shopping. Check out the viral ankle or wrist weights from Amazon.

        When You’re Forced to Do a Workplace Secret Santa on a Budget   

        Look, we’ve all been there, the dreaded work secret Santa. Our bosses and managers seem to think we all enjoy it, and we all feign excitement. Secretly, unless we draw our mate, we always seem to end up with a random casual you’ve never met and barely even know what they look like. You really want to buy them a box of Favourites and call it a day, but Favourites and dud gifts have been banned, and you don’t need a reputation as the Grinch of the office.

        $20 and under:

        • Mini desk calendar: Perfect for adding some spice and personality to the mundane, carbon copy cubicle that everyone in the office has to don. Check out the adorable mini calendar designs in store at Kikki K at the moment.  
        • Desk planter: Typo has some adorable desk planters, whether you are buying a fake plant or a real one, they have everything from mushroom planters to the Simpsons.  

        $50 and under:

        • Cute keyboard and mouse set: Another way to spice up the dullness of corporate regime, is a cute new keyboard and mouse set.  Kmart has some adorable ergonomic keyboard and mouse sets in so many colours, alternatively Amazon has plenty – and if you are working with a bigger budget Logitech has some incredible options.  
        • Trivia game or board game: A trivia or board game is a good option for most people, because they can either play with their family or friends, or even with their fellow co-workers. A good one to play in groups is Herd Mentality or alternatively for the resident Wordle veteran, a board game version of Wordle has now been released and is available at Big W.  

        The Granola/Outdoorsy/Beach Babe Types  

        Whether they are bouldering, hiking, camping, 4WDing, surfing, or playing mermaids at the beach, we all know and love an outdoorsy type who loves to spend their weekends basking in the sun, frolicking around Byron, or hanging off the side of a mountain.

        $20 and under:

        • A sturdy toiletry bag or gear bag: Every camper or outdoors fan needs a decent toiletry bag, no matter how long the trip. For the simple folks, a leather or durable fabric pouch like the ones from Alton will do the trick. Or, for those who love to overpack (me) and want to bring a little bit of luxury with them, consider a hanging toiletry bag with plenty of space for all the goodies. One of my personal favs is a tried and tested one from my holy grail Kmart.  
        • Anything Sunbum: SunBum is easily one of my all time favourite brands when it comes to all things outdoors, they have a fantastic range of sunscreen, after care lotions, hair care, zinc and lip products, all designed to help you thrive and protect your body in high UV. All their products are cruelty free and hypoallergenic. Some of my personal favourites include the SPF 30 Sunscreen Stick, the 3 in 1 leave in treatment to protect your hair from salt and sun, and my trusty SPF Lipbalm which is especially good for protection against wind-burn and days in the surf.  

        $50 and under:

        • Sand free, quick dry beach towels: A must have for beach lovers, check out all the gorgeous designs from shops like Dock and Bay and Sky Gazer Culture.  
        • Insulated travel mug: For a good quality, hardy mug grab one of the Yeti travel mugs, you can customise the colour and they even come with a five year warranty!  

        The Fashionista

        The one who rocks up to Christmas lunch looking like a runway model, is always decked out in the cutest new styles, lowkey pops off on Instagram, and whose favourite movie is The Devil Wears Prada. They are on top of all the latest trends, have probably read the latest edition of Vogue, are constantly scrolling on Pinterest and have plans to move to New York.

        $20 and under:

        • Skincare headbands: Okay we all know the iconic GRWM bubble headband, and good news – Cotton On has just brought them our way, they are affordable, adorable, and come in a range of cute colours. Check them out here! 
        • Cute new phone case: Affordable and aesthetic phone cases make for a great accessory that you can swap in and out depending on your outfits. Some of my favs are also from Cotton On, Rubi and Typo – check them out here!   

        $50 and under:

        • Fashionable tabletop books: Nothing screams class quite like beautiful coffee table books, think The Little Book of Chanel and London Style.  
        • Kosas Wet Lip Oil Gloss: Okay, you’ve caught me, this is another of my personal favs. The Kosas Wet Lip Oil Plumping gloss is not only stunning to look at but feels silky soft and shimmery on the lips. The design is very IT girl, and with a range of stunning colours, you can’t go wrong!  
        Jess Morgan
        Jess Morgan

        Jess Morgan is a Law and Journalism student at QUT, she has always been drawn to words and the way we shape them. She has been published in QUT Glass, The Stew Magazine, the interactive exhibit ‘Love Letters to Brisbane’, ScratchThat, as well as being a reader for QUT Literary Salon. She has a passion for poetry, and free-form creative styles. Jess believes that stories shape us and connect us to one another. Find more of her work @wordsfromthe.sky_

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