Brisbane’s Iconic Street Art Fest is Back in Action

Green, Blue and Grey street art mural on a brick wall
Mural by DOES, 2019. Image Credit to BSAF

After the impact of COVID 19, the 2020 Brisbane Street Art Festival didn’t get to shine as much as it has in the past, but this year it is back in action, and it may or may not come as a surprise, but BSAF has built quite the history with QUT over the years.

Students from Garden’s Point may recognise some of the festival’s past work that brought some well-needed colour to the CBD campus. Maybe if you’ve been here as long as I have, you’d probably remember the first-ever mural to grace GP’s walls, thanks to the fest in 2018. More eagle-eyed creatives from KG may also recognise the 2019 works near the Creative Industries precinct.


Black brick wall covered in a mural of white, yellow and orange text (in various languages) in circular shapes.
Mural by Said Dokins, 2018. Image Credit Vast Yonder

The Brisbane-based agency that runs the festival, Vast Yonder, was engaged by QUT to install a large-scale mural artwork by Mexican/Indigenous Artist Said Dokins at X Block in 2018. The following year another two murals were painted, at GP behind B Block by Dutch artist DOES and another at Z6 in KG by Argentian duo Medianeras.

Well, now that the festival is back, what does that mean for you? Although there doesn’t appear to be another mural slated for the campuses yet, that doesn’t stop you from visiting others around Brisbane. Whether it be for an insta-worthy photoshoot or you just love looking at stunning works of art, the festival is ready and willing to cater to you. The festival is on till the 16th of May. It caters to everyone with workshops, talks and exhibitions, cycle tours and of course, mural viewings.


Mural with a black and white background with 4 brightly coloured shirts with wearers faces being cut of by the end of the wall
Mural by Medianeras 2019, Image Credit BSAF.

There is also an awesome online resource called that allows you to view all the latest and greatest street art online or via an app so you can easily navigate to it. You can also contribute to the map if Street Art you’ve found out in the wild is missing!

If you’d like to find out more about the artists and their murals found on our campuses here are some handy links to read up on: 







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