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We had some incredible poetry submitted to GLASS Issue One: Breaking the Stigma. Ahead of the Launch on Thursday 27 February, we thought we’d feature some of the great poets online since we didn’t have space for every single poem we received – the QUT Poetry Community is alive and well, for sure. Find poems below from Jak Kirwin, Chloe Mills, and Georgia Sanders, and stay tuned for more poetry coming to GLASS soon. Make sure to check out their other poems in the print edition.

War Is A Racket That Gives Men Meaning | Jak Kirwin

Nuclear sunset 

Damn nice 

Blood red

Origami youth

Fever dream blisters

Awful truth

Guns are blazing

People too

Skeleton men throw their dice

And slurp up Zyklon from their shoes

Chia | Chloe Mills

there’s a lemon tree at the back 

of his house  

pronged trunk of charred  

black and acid pops of yellow 

he grinds the oily toothed leaf 

in sour molars 

lemonbalm drips on cut  


bleaching sun burns tops 

of feet stretched out on  

woodgrain veranda, soles 

scraped raw  

on concrete, sides  

of fingers stained brown  

from the smoke. 


you split lemons in crescents 

spit pips in dirt 

but once  

you loved a girl 

with a name like seed 

Russian Doll | Georgia Sanders

She’s heaven sent but earthly bound, 

She’d hate it if she were thought profound,

She’s happiest with her head kept down,

She’s wise beyond her years. 
She comes from that cruel part of town,

Where slobs dance to the drumbeat sound,

Of bottles falling to the ground,

Drunken fury and sober tears. 

The apartment block should be set alight,

The babies bark and dogs cry all night,

The freaks meet with instruments of plight,

Their needles and their spoons, 
But she’s asleep up in her room,

There’s calm beneath a pale glow,

She knows the world spins but it never spins right,

She dreams of ice caps coming loose.  
Well her mother wrapped her up in blankets

Then she left her in the cold

So one day when she is older

She could be a Russian Doll. 


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