An Ode to Holidays, or Lack Thereof

Tick, tick, tick.  

I can always hear the ticking, as relentless as the fly buzzing above my bed on a sleepless summer night.  

Tick, tick, tick. 

It’s the sound of time slowly slipping through my fingers, forever, endlessly, without cease.  

What do I do with it? With the limited time I have left?  

Do I use it and abuse it to the fullest? Cramming in as much family and friend time as possible? 

Tick, tick, tick. 

Do I better myself? Do I do all the face masks, all the yoga, all the therapy? 

Do I get the rest that I need? Rot away like a gremlin in a cave, ‘Love Island’ playing on repeat? 

Tick, tick, “Guys, I got a text!”, tick. 

I can’t stop it. I can’t slow it.  

The time keeps ticking by as I keep screaming for it to wait. 

Until I make a game plan. 

Until I can catch my breath. 

Until I’ve had a nap or two. 

Until I work out what to do. 

Tick, tick, tick. 

Tione Zylstra
Tione Zylstra

Tione is one of the 2024 Glass editors. She's a final year Journalism and Justice (majoring in policy and politics) student who lives to write about everything going on in the world. If you're after more of her work, check out Urban List Brisbane, The Music, and Purple Sneakers. Concerts and food are her go-to, so hit her up for either of those and you'll have a winner.

Articles: 17

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