Amy Sargeant Trace I (2020)

Trace I is a sound artwork which layers field recordings, speech and live musical improvisation in response to GLASS Magazine’s Whispers project.


About Amy Sargeant

Amy Sargeant is a Meanjin (Brisbane) based visual artist, musician and activist. Through installations of sculpture, audio and video Amy’s work responds to her disillusionment with the dysfunctions of the Australian political establishment by reframing the elements of political spectacle. Amy deploys the Situationist method of detournement to de-stabilise motifs from mainstream politics, activist iconography, symbols and visual cultures.

instagram: @amysargeant

Ashleigh North
Ashleigh North

Ashleigh is a QUT law and creative writing student and 2020 QUT News Editor. In 2020, she founded and curated the Uni Writers Fest as a Glass editor, in collaboration with UQ Pub Soc. You can find her trialling new recipes or procrastinating over a half-drunk cap.

Articles: 13

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