A Few Things to Remember This Invasion Day

Australians protesting on the CBD streets, holding signs that say "no pride in genocide" and "always was always will be, aboriginal land"
Invasion Day Protests

The 26th of January is not a day to celebrate, it is a day of mourning. 

Today marks the beginning of the colonisation of Australia and of the horrific and brutal treatment of the traditional custodians of this land.  

For Indigenous Australians today is a day of sorrow, and for everyone else, it should be a day to stand in solidarity with the oldest culture in the world and to acknowledge the atrocities that occurred on Australian soil. 

Here are some ways you can show your support this Invasion Day.  

Attend a rally in a group or by yourself 

In Meanjin today, the Yuggera Nation is hosting a march, beginning at 9am at Queens Gardens and ending at Musgrave Park.  

When attending the rally, remember to be Covid safe by wearing a mask at all times and trying to social distance as much as possible. Non-Indigenous people should remember to support Indigenous Australians and not centre themselves. Remember to ask before taking photos, listen and learn, diffuse tensions do not incite them, and pass the mic.  

Here is a good article on how to be an effective ally at a march:

How To Be An Effective Ally On Invasion Day

Here is the link to the rally Facebook event:


Research and learn the truth about the 26th January  

If you are unable to make it in person to the rally, there are other ways you can stand in solidarity and show your support. This includes learning the history of what this date truly signifies and the fact that ‘Australia Day’ was only first celebrated in 1994. See websites below.

8 Thing You Need To Know About January 26

Invasion Day (Australia Day)

Four Australians share why they don’t celebrate Australia Day

Pay the rent 

Being sorry isn’t enough, it’s time that we as white people pay reparations to the original owners whose land we stole.  

You can donate to the following websites: 

Pay The Rent


Black Rainbow

Educate the people around you  

If people around you are calling it Australia Day, correct them and let them know today is Invasion Day. Do your research and help lighten the burden of Indigenous Australians by educating your friends and family if they are unaware of the dark history. Call out people who are appropriating Indigenous culture or celebrating the day in any way. 

Use your social media platform to post information and elevate the voices of Indigenous Australians. Today is not about centering yourself or thinking you deserve a pat on the back for learning.  

Ella Brumm
Ella Brumm

Ella is a Brisbane based writer and editor of GLASS Magazine. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Law (Honours) and Journalism at QUT.

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