Guild News: 2020 AGM

QUT Guild 2020 Annual General Meeting

What happened?

On Monday 27 March, the QUT Guild held their annual general meeting via Zoom call. Guild secretary, Cameron Mackie, brought a motion to temporarily suspend the standing orders within the regulations to allow councillors and executive members to cast votes using Zoom’s ‘raise hand’ function. With these functions, the QUT Guild will be able to hold council meetings online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The AGM consisted of confirmation of the previous year’s AGM minutes, appointing Camille Etchegaray as chair for 2020 council meetings, acceptance of the financial documents presented by the treasurer, and the announcement of election results and appointment of a new guild member.

Please find attached the minutes from the QUT Guild 2020 Annual General Meeting.

Posted by QUT Guild Noticeboard on Monday, May 4, 2020


Jennifer Barnaby was appointed to fill the casual vacancy of Guild Indigenous Officer.

No applications were received for the position of Health Faculty Councillor, this position remains a casual vacancy.

If you’re interested in contributing or attending future Guild meetings, follow the Guild Noticeboard on Facebook for updates.


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