Tampon Tantrum – Nikita Oliver & Alana Riley

Members of the ‘QUT Stalkerspace 2.0’ Facebook Group have left misogynistic and offensive comments on an image suggesting a free tampon initiative on campus. 

QUT Physics student Zina Lindsay posted to the group used by almost 50 000 people in relation to the Victorian Government’s state-wide initiative to provide public schools with free tampons and pads.  

Ms Lindsay’s post said that we need something like this at universities too … Condoms are more readily available to females than basic sanitary items.”  

Not everyone was on board with the proposal to provide women with free or inexpensive tampons and many students were quick to comment that they disagreed. 

Women and men alike were defending the idea however, with one commenter writing that “all sanitary products should be available at all locations free of charge like toilet paper.” 

“Kind of an unavoidable part of life that affects 50% of our population.”  

A male commenter said it “sounds like a great idea. If I had blood come out of my dick once a month I would want some help with that.” 

QUT Guild Vice President for Gender and Sexuality Max Fox said that “as far as we’re aware, women are going to continue to be women for a little while longer.” 

“For that little while longer we’re going to continue to do everything we can to support our sisters,” said Mr Fox. 

We’re not going to force you to support women, but you’d be a pretty shitty human if you didn’t. Be a better human.” 

In response to the debate, Ms Lindsay announced she had created the Facebook group ‘Women at QUT which she said is a safe space for those who identify as female to discuss similar issues.  

The group now has close to 400 members and has hosted small events that Ms Lindsay said are so “young women can socialize and make friendships in a safe and supportive environment.” 

Nikita Oliver
Nikita Oliver
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