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StalkerSpace has spoken: longer SWOTVAC, Pulse surveys suck

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QUT Guild President Vinnie Batten recently posed three questions to the members of QUT StalkerSpace 2.1, with the results to be shown to the QUT Academic Board (what’s this?), of which he and two other Guild representatives sit on.

The first question, accompanied by a simple poll, asked students if they were okay with the current three-day SWOTVAC before exams or if they preferred a return to the pre-2014 standard of five days.

The second question followed up on the first, and asked whether students would prefer the five-day break if it was “more likely” students would have exams on Saturdays.

Lastly, a few hours after the second, Mr Batten asked what students thought of the evaluation surveys that are sent out at various points of the semester, seeking feedback from students on their units and teaching staff.

At the time of writing, the first two polls amassed 3305 votes and the three posts have 160 comments collectively. Has the tea been spilled? Let’s find out, sis.

Would you support a longer SWOTVAC period?

YES – 95.5% (2360 votes)
NO – 4.5% (106 votes)

Check out what students think here.

The results are clear, less than 5% of respondents are content with the current three day break.

Would you prefer a longer SWOTVAC period *if* Saturday exams were more likely?

YES – 90.1% (756 votes)
NO – 9.9% (83 votes)

Check out what students think here.

The main point here is that if SWOTVAC was to be lengthened, exams would be condensed over a shorter time period, increasing the likelihood of Saturday exams.

Pulse surveys! Good or bad?

Check out what students think here.

A lot of students don’t think their comments have any impact on their units. Some have seen their lecturers/tutors scoff at the negative feedback.

These results are clear and students want change. Ball’s in your court, QUT.

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