Meet Your: Women’s Officer 2024- Lauren Cuthbert

Hi! My name is Lauren Cuthbert (but most people call me Ren). I am currently studying a Bachelor of Human Services, and I am the QUT Guild Women’s Officer for 2024.   

Since 2022, I’ve been actively involved with the Guild, serving as an executive member on the Disability Collective, Queer Collective, and Women’s Collective. Through these roles, I’ve had the chance to engage with various student communities and address their specific needs. These experiences have shown me the meaningful impact that the Student Representative Council (SRC) can have on our university. 

The opportunity to be the Women’s Officer for 2024 holds a lot of significance for me. My passion lies in making the university a safe, supportive, and enjoyable place for women to pursue their studies. As Women’s Officer, I aim to advocate for policies and initiatives that address gender equality, combat discrimination, and create a more inclusive campus environment. 

 I am committed to fighting for what is important to the people I represent, ensuring that their voices are heard, and their concerns addressed.  Being a part of the SRC as the Women’s Officer is a chance to make a real difference in the lives of women at QUT. I am excited to work collaboratively with students, faculty, and administrators to implement positive changes that promote gender equity and foster a culture of respect and support. My goal is to create a university experience where all women feel valued, empowered, and able to thrive academically and personally.  

As Women’s Officer, I’m fully committed to achieving several things in the upcoming year. My main focus is on improving access to period products across campus by placing them in more bathrooms and other high-traffic areas around both campuses. 

 I am also putting primary focus on working with other Guild staff and the Women’s Collective on improving the amenities and general aesthetic appeal of the Garden’s Point Women’s Room to better meet the needs of our students. I also plan to organise workshops on sexual wellness and consent awareness to encourage dialogue surrounding these things.  

Ensuring the safety and inclusivity of on-campus bar spaces is also a priority, involving collaboration with campus security and relevant stakeholders to implement improved safety measures and training programs. My overarching goal is to contribute to creating a university environment that supports and improves the overall experience and well-being of the students at QUT.  

If you ever have any concerns, questions or want to draw my attention to something, please feel free to send me an email at . If you see me in the wild, I am also always down for a chat about Taylor Swift, cats, or Taylor Swift’s cats!  

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