Meet Your: Queer Officer 2024 – Eli Spencer

Hi there folks!  

I’m Eli Spencer, your returning Queer Officer of the Student Representative Council for 2024. I have been a part of QUT since the beginning of 2021 as a student, anatomy peer leader, student ambassador and guest speaker at orientation week for first year biomedical students. As extra – curricular initiatives I am an active member of the student misconduct committee, and the LGBTQIAP+ working party of the university. 

I initially began studying Biomedical science, majoring in Anatomical Sciences and undertook electives in mandarin and creative writing. Over the past few years my passions have become more specific, and I am now starting fresh in a Bachelor of Nursing! (I’m so glad that credit of prior learning is a thing.)  

I began the role of Queer Officer last year in May, I enjoyed contributing and helping the Queer community at QUT.  I want to be a pillar that the Queer community can rely on to implement changes at QUT, and I’d say it is one of my main passions.  

As a proud trans man, I truly do understand the difficulties and challenges that can arise whilst attending university. I have experienced multiple instances of transphobia and queerphobia for simply being who I am. It is my mission to work with the LGBQTIAP+ working party of the university to implement policies to significantly reduce other Queer students being affected by this.  

One of the policies that I have been working on since last year is introducing and implementing the dead – naming policy. I do have other projects such as my queer safe services resource that I’m working very hard to have launched/accessible throughout the university.   

If you see me around at either campus, you are most welcome to say hello and to have a chat. My email is for any questions or concerns. Take it easy this semester and hopefully I’ll see you around.  

Take care folks!  

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