Meet Your: Postgraduate Students Officer 2024 – Malgorzata (Mal) Fituch

Hi everyone! 

My name is Malgorzata, but you can call me Mal. I’m currently wearing a few hats at QUT – not only am I your Postgraduate Students Officer, but I’m also deep into my PhD journey, exploring the intersections of blockchain technology and law. My passion for technological management and developing responsible technology drives my research every day. 

I decided to apply for the role of Postgraduate Students Officer, because I saw that the voices of postgraduate students, especially those of us threading the complex path of research, seemed to be getting lost in the broader academic narrative, strongly shaped by undergraduate experiences. I believe in the uniqueness of our postgraduate journey and the pressing need for it to have representation that understands and advocates for our specific challenges and needs. It’s this belief that encouraged me to run for this position, aiming to ensure that our voices aren’t just heard but are influential in shaping the academic landscape and policies within the QUT Guild. I am also of a proactive nature – preferring to steer outcomes and take initiative, rather than awaiting actions from others. 

My goals for this year are twofold: firstly, to amplify the voice of postgraduate students; and secondly, to strengthen the support system for us in areas where it’s currently lacking. How do I plan to do this? My initiatives include joining the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations and actively participating in its activities; and organizing practical workshops and perhaps even a research software expo. These events will be designed to arm students with the knowledge and skills we need to navigate and utilize essential software for our research. They aim to go beyond the university setting, ensuring we are fully prepared for our future career paths.

I also would like to hear what change you want to see, and I will put all my efforts to make it happen. If you have any ideas in mind, please feel free to send me an email at!  

On a more personal note, I’m not just about law and technology. I’m also a ski teacher who loves sports – both practicing and exploring new ones. Beyond academia and sports, I love traveling – exploring new cultures, landscapes, and perspectives. It’s this love for trying and learning new things, whether it’s a new sport, a new place, or a new area of research, that has brought me and what I bring into my role as Postgraduate Students Officer.  

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