Meet Your: Guild President 2024- Aaron Bui

Hi, my name is Aaron and I’m your Guild President this year!  

I’m probably not your typical union president- I’m an international PhD student who is in my final year. This combination of academia, research and extracurricular involvement has shaped my perspective and is the reason why I want to contribute to our vibrant student community. 

I’m not just a student. As your President, I wear many hats. From negotiating with university administrators to organizing events that light up our calendar, I’m here to serve you.  As your advocate, I’m committed to amplifying student voices, fostering inclusivity, and ensuring that you have the best experience here at QUT. Whether it’s advocating for better facilities, organising engaging events, or addressing student concerns, I’m here to serve you. I firmly believe that students are at the heart of any university, and I ran for this position because I wanted to be a catalyst for positive change.  

As a passionate advocate for student rights, I decided to run with a team this year because my fellow PhD students and I felt like there was not enough postgraduate representation at QUT. Of course, I don’t want to solely focus on postgraduate issues, which is why we made sure we created a team that best represents the diverse cohorts we have in our student body here at QUT. This year’s officers are a good mix of domestic and international students, undergrads and postgrads, coursework and research students with diverse backgrounds. 

My goals for this year include replacing the 0% late submission policy with a sliding scale policy, more visa support for international students, better postgraduate representation, fighting for 50% SSAF and more. 

Remember that my emails are always open, or if you see me on campus, come and say hi! I’d love to have a chat with you. Let’s make this a great year together! 

If you would like to get in touch with your president, Aaron Bui, you can email him at  

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QUT Student Guild
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